How often you wash your bed linen is largely personal preference, but once a week (twice a week in hot weather) is recommended to remove dust, germs, dead skin cells and any stains.

Despite its delicate nature, cotton sateen can be machine washed but should still be handled with great care. 

General care
This is the most critical part of the care process for bed sheets. 
-due to hot water can shrink fibres, cold or warm water temperatures are preferable. 
-Gentle cycles and mild detergents are recommended, as fast cycles and bleach-based products can be damaging to fabrics. 
-For best results, wash bed sheets and duvet covers by themselves – mixing them with garments with zips, hooks can cause snagging. 

Drying Sheet
When drying the sheets use low heat. It’s recommended to stop the dryer when the sheets are lightly damp and hang dry them. This will guarantee the longest lifetime out of your bed sheets.