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Sold outGAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer Travel Alpha Luggage with FingerPrint Scanner
On saleArcticICE™ Ergonomic Pillow
Sold outOn saleBed Linen Signature Soft Cotton (Reject Stock)
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer Curtain Eyelet (Ring) / Silver / 30" W x 72" L Blackout Luxury Curtain
Blanket & Throw
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer Duvet Duvet Insert
GAIAS Mattress Topper
GAIAS PureBamboo™ Mattress Protector
GAIAS PureBamboo™ Sheet Set
GAIAS Tote Bag
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Blend+ Bolstercase
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Blend+ Fitted Sheet
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Blend+ Pillowcases ( 2pcs)
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Blend+ Quilt Cover
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Bolstercase
On saleHyperSoft TENCEL™ Bundle
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Bundle Sale priceFrom RM719.00 Regular priceRM827.00
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet for Baby Cot
On saleHyperSoft TENCEL™ Fitted Sheet(Reject Stock)
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Pillowcases ( 2pcs)
Save RM30.00HyperSoft TENCEL™ Pillowcases ( 2pcs) / Bolstercase(1 pcs) (Reject Stock)
HyperSoft TENCEL™ Quilt Cover
On saleHyperSoft TENCEL™ Quilt Cover(Reject Stock)
HyperSoft™ Sheet Set – TENCEL™ Lyocell
HyperSoft™ Sheet Set – TENCEL™ Lyocell Blend Extra-long staple cotton
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer Fitted Sheet Single / Pearl White Signature Soft Cotton Fitted Sheet
Save RM139.00Memory Foam Pillow
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer
Memory Foam Pillow Sale priceRM139.00 Regular priceRM278.00
Save RM20.00Mineral Diffuser | Neroli
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer
Mineral Diffuser | Neroli Sale priceRM179.00 Regular priceRM199.00
On saleNaturaPlush Bamboo Towel
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer
NaturaPlush Bamboo Towel Sale priceFrom RM24.65 Regular priceRM29.00
On saleGAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer Towel Face Towel / Smoke Organic Luxury Towel
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer
Organic Luxury Towel Sale priceFrom RM16.15 Regular priceRM19.00
Organic Washed Cotton Quilt
PREMIER HyperSoft™ Sheet Set – TENCEL™ Lyocell Micro LF
Sold outPremium Gift Box Packaging
PureBamboo™ Bolstercase
On salePureBamboo™ Bundle Set
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer
PureBamboo™ Bundle Set Sale priceFrom RM699.00 Regular priceRM807.00
PureBamboo™ Fitted sheet
PureBamboo™ Fitted Sheet for Baby Cot
PureBamboo™ Pillowcases  ( 2pcs)
PureBamboo™ Quilt Cover
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer Blostercase Pearl White Signature Soft Cotton Bolster case
On saleSignature Soft Cotton Bundle
GAIAS Exclusive Manufacturer
Signature Soft Cotton Bundle Sale priceFrom RM659.00 Regular priceRM757.00
Signature Soft Cotton Fitted Sheet
Sold outSave RM49.00Signature Soft Cotton Fitted Sheet(Reject Stock)
Save RM20.00Signature Soft Cotton Pillowcases ( 2pcs) / Bolstercase(1 pcs) (Reject Stock)
Signature Soft Cotton Pillowcases Set (2pcs)
Signature Soft Cotton Quilt Cover
On saleSignature Soft Cotton Quilt Cover(Reject Stock)
Signature Soft Cotton Sheet Set